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1. epidemiologic measurement in population health outcomes. 2.using


Nursing-Doctorate level Discussion questions. 2 pages for each question. Please present with at least 2 references with answer to each question. References must be within 5 years. Absolutely plagiarism free. 

These are 2 separate questions– Each to be presented separately. It can be on one attachment or separately. 

Question #1. Epidemiologic Measurement in Population Health Outcomes

The Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR (Links to an external site.)) is an epidemiological report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This weekly report contains data on specific diseases as reported by state and regional health departments, as well as recommendations that have been issued by the CDC. Access the MMWR (Links to an external site.) and select a report pertaining to one of the eight national practice problems to address the following.

·  Describe the epidemiologic principles and measures used to address the practice problem.

·  Discuss the use of descriptive and/or analytic epidemiology to address the practice problem.

·  Recommend additional measures required to integrate proposed changes into practice.

·  Share your professional experience related to the topic.

Question #2. Using Surveillance to Address a Practice Problem

Data mining is an important component of any population health outcome analysis. Select one of the following information hubs to address a health-related topic of your choice : CDC Surveillance Resource Center and Interactive Database Systems,  (Links to an external site.) World Health Organization (WHO) (Links to an external site.) or Our World in Data (Links to an external site.).  Analyze the data presented at the national and state levels to address the following.

·  Identify the information hub and topic selected. Provide a brief summary of the practice problem.

·  Compare and contrast national and state levels of data. Use the state of your residence as a basis for the comparison.

·  Describe how data from your home state compares to data from other states.

·  Identify one national organization or intervention related to your selected topic that is addressing the burden of this disease. Describe the impact of the organization or intervention to improve outcomes.

·  Share your professional experience related to the topic.


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