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1,600 word paper: capabilities and limitations of military power in



APA format, properly formatted cover page, double-spaced text, Times New Roman 12pt font, 1-inch margins, as well as full endnote-style citations for paraphrasing and quotations. Eight references (minimum) 1,600 word paper addressing the following topic:

The integration and application of airpower in warfare has been debated throughout history with a variety of perspectives and opinions on its proper use. Many of the key ideas, theories, and doctrine regarding the use of the military instrument of power—particularly the use of airpower. Reflecting on the Airpower, describe and explain the capabilities and limitations of military power in the air domain. 


1. Analyze the different perspectives on the application of airpower in warfare.

2. Apply the principles of airpower to warfare.

3. Relate historical changes in the perspectives on the proper use of airpower in warfare to contemporary events.

4. Apply an understanding of the patterns and trends in airpower to the modern debate


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