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2 pages reading response | English homework help


 All Reading Response must begin with a quotation  

The quotation must be located underneath the original title.  Throughout RR3, writers  will explain their connection to the quotation without explicitly referring to it (avoid language such as “This quote is about”).  Note:  do not write a summary of the reading.  Responding is finding your own interpretation/analysis of what you have read; therefore, it takes critical thinking.

Choose one or more of the Prompts below:

  • Who do you believe is the tragic hero in both Oedipus and Medea?
  • What do you believe is the tragic hero’s harmatia?
  • Do these plays offer the audience a catharsis?
  • How do these plays evoke tragic pity and fear?

The requirements for Reading Response 3: Medea & Oedipus are:

  1. MLA academic heading.
  2. An original title that created from the writer’s imagination.
  3. A clear thesis statement (This is done by incorporating the prompt into the response or the statement.)
  4. At least 1 ½ pages (or 2-3 paragraphs ONLY ) in length that are responding to directly to Medea and Oedipus . Please avoid write an essay.  Please keep it to 2-3 paragraphs.
  5. RR3 begins with a quotation. This quotation appears underneath the original title of RR3. It is the only time to italicize a quotation in a RR.  This quotation appears under the title of RR3. 


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