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2 project | Information Systems homework help


Writing an effective résumé and a strong cover letter is very important in all fields. These are critical tools for job hunting. The purpose of this assignment is to help you in designing your résumé and cover letter. This assignment consists of two parts:

  1. Search for five [5] resources that you consider very helpful in preparing an effective résumé and a strong cover letter.
  2. Using TechSmith Snagit free trial, a screen capture video recording tool, prepare a 5-minute clip to present all five resources you selected. Explain why you selected them and how they helped in crafting your resume and cover letter. Your clip should include a visual recording of your screen and your voice commenting on your screen. Once your clip is ready, add the link to your clip into this assignment’s report. Use the subtitle: Screencast Link.
  3. As part of your showcase portfolio, you will craft both your résumé and a cover letter. These documents will be included in your final portfolio as evidence of skills development.

Submission Details:

  • Save your (1) recording link, (2) résumé, and (3) cover letter to one file as 


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