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2. you are newly hired as the ceo of a global public health



1. You and your team from the local health department have been tasked with starting a public health program to address the rapid increase in sexually transmitted diseases in an area with a large immigrant population. What key strategies would you employ with the community before starting this program? What are some foreseen issues and barriers to implementing this program among this population? What are the cultural implications that might be considered given the target population

2. You are newly hired as the CEO of a global public health organization. What would your five key priorities and strategies be around leadership and management in your first 100 days? Consider your role as THE leader of the organization and what approaches you might take.

3. You will utilize the information presented by your group (name your state) to develop and implement a strategy for moving forward with your goals and objectives. Please refer to Parts IV and V of the strategic planning exercise below. For this question, you will submit two tables–a version of Table 2 with your rationale and a completed Table 3 for your implementation strategy (budget).Table 1 is for your planning and strategizing purposes only.

4. You have just been appointed the Director of Public Health of Any State, USA.As the new Director, you have the power to enact only one (or build on a previously existing) policy during your tenure. Select an issue that you think applying a policy solution will make the most significant impact on the health and well-being of people in your state. Using the policy cycle we discussed in class, please provide an example of how you might develop a policy to address your chosen issue. (HINT: Briefly describe your approach at each segment of the policy cycle from start to finish!)

all datails in the file.

Can you put the answer below each question? so i can understand better.


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