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311- | Psychology homework help


Community Health and Civic Engagement; Law, Crime, and Well-being

Consider health inequities among different communities and the reasons that the problems connected with community health and preventive medicine disproportionately impact people of color. Consider law, crime, and mass incarceration and their impact on people of color and on society.

Think about: Now, focus on the two articles and the effects of mass incarceration. You’ll be writing specifically on 1 of them.

  • First, skim both articles: “Families and the Effects of Mass Incarceration” and “Mass Incarceration is Making Us Sick.” 
  • While you’re reading, click on a few links to external articles that expand on particular points and think about what resonates with you. This will help you make your choice of one to react to.
  • Choose the article that most resonates with you. Read and consider it carefully.
  • Follow links in that article to 3 external articles. Read and consider these linked articles carefully

Write: For your posting, address all of the following

  • Which article did you choose, and why? Consider what struck you the most in your reading.
  • Make connections with the field of community psychology. According to your knowledge of families, communities, and the justice system from the community psychology perspective, how would a community psychologist respond to:
    • Two points that Dr. Galea, the author, makes in the article you chose?
    • One point made in each of the three external articles you chose that were linked to Dr. Galea’s article that you chose?
  • In this Discussion, you have the opportunity to put mass incarceration in the context of community psychology according to the knowledge you’ve been building throughout the term. You’re now thinking like community psychologists!


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