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5-1 final project milestone two: project scope statement & work | project management seminar | Southern New Hampshire University


Hello all,

I need some help with the following assignment for project management seminar:


“As you have worked toward your final project, you developed an overview of your case study in Module One and a project charter in Module Three. In the project charter, you considered the scope of your project in a general way. The project scope statement asks you to drill more deeply into the details. A good project scope statement will define the boundaries of your project, will help you prevent scope creep, and will help ensure successful results.

Once you have completed your project scope statement, you will set up a work breakdown structure (WBS) using MS Project software and submit an MS Project file along with your project scope statement.

To complete this assignment, review the Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric document, where you will find links to the case study, a case study dataset, and a project scope statement template for your use.”


Overview: For the final project in the course, you will analyze the case study Value-Driven Project and Portfolio Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry and additional course resources to create a program performance report for a hypothetical organization. The completion of this assessment will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge of program-level management and your ability to develop key executive reporting following standard frameworks. There are two parts to this milestone. In the first part, you will create a project scope statement. In the second part, you will set up your project using MS Project software and create a work breakdown structure (WBS). Prompt I: Thus far in the course, you have completed a case study overview and a project charter. In this milestone, you will develop a project scope statement using the template provided. A data set for this case study has also been provided for your benefit. Your project scope statement should include the following critical elements: 

I. Introduction: A concise overview of the project. 

II. Purpose and Justification: How does the project support business goals and objectives? 

III. Scope Description: All known characteristics of the project’s product or service. 

IV. High-Level Requirements: All known requirements of the project’s product or service.  

V. Boundaries: What should and should not be included in the project? 

VI. Strategy: Strategy to be used by the project team to manage the project. 

VII. Acceptance Criteria: Criteria that must be met for the project to be considered “complete.” 

VIII. Constraints: Limitations due to time, budget, technology, or other resources. 

IX. Assumptions: Assumptions under which all stakeholders are making decisions. 

X. Cost Estimate: Estimate of funding needed to successfully complete the project. 

XI. Cost/Benefit Analysis: Analysis of organizational costs versus organizational benefits. 

****Prompt II: Once you completed your scope statement, you will set up your project using MS Project software. As you do this, you will be creating a WBS. In your WBS, you will identify what tasks need to be developed and the relationship among the tasks. This WBS will be used in planning your project. There is no need to go any further than a Level 3 in creating your WBS.  As part of the MS Project assignment, include project milestones and create relationships with all tasks with a start-to-finish dependency; create a project start time and document any assumptions you make in the task note field. If you choose to use it, a MS Project file has been created for your benefit. You can start with this and modify it as necessary, or you can create your own project using the software. 

As needed, use the following Atomic Learning tutorials to help you set up your project using MS Project software: Infobase: Project 2016 Training 

B. Set up Your Project (2016) 

C. Tasks (2016) Your MS Project file should be a WBS that includes the following critical elements: 

I. Project milestones 

II. Relationship of tasks to one another 

III. Notes in the task note field as necessary. Save your file with a unique file name for submission. 


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