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Teaching in general can be quite challenging, but I believe as we get older it only gets tougher. I believe there is an assumption that as you get older learning is easier or that we should have the tools necessary to receive new knowledge. But, on the contrary, I believe learning gets harder as we age. As educators we can do certain things to facilitate learning. Not all students have acquired the thinking skills necessary to analyze and synthesize information without practice. To make this transition easier we can have students research and investigate certain topics and present them, rather than just telling them the information (Walker, 2003). We can also take the time to consider what interests the students have and what drives their education in order to promote that. For example, students today prefer learning through electronics so incorporating that into lesson plans or assignments might be beneficial for their participation.  



Gender, race culture all effect learning styles and perception of education. The diversity of the nursing classroom today represents a broad range of age, race and culture it is essential to have teaching strategies to promote success. In today’s nursing education classroom, it is important to “implement a variety of teaching strategies appropriate to content, setting, learner needs, learner style, and desired learner outcomes” (Billings & Halstead, 2016, p.27). It is key to create an environment that is beneficial to learning. There are ways to incorporate background and experiences into teaching such as teaching relatable topics that affects the demographic and understanding the generation perspective and learning needs. Inclusivity is a principal that is critical in the classroom. Overall, understanding the diversity of students and being aware of needs will promote student success from all backgrounds.


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