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6 pages paper. ② instruction: ③ students will select a passage (no



6 pages paper.

② Instruction:

③ Students will select a passage (no shorter than 250 Chinese characters) from any of the texts introduced in class and conduct a close grammatical and textual analysis through annotating and translating the text. While references to existing translations are allowed, blindly following them is to be avoided. Any critiques and corrections should be noted and incorporated into the report.

④ For now, I would recommend “桃花源记” for you to analyze, and absolutely you can choose your own that works better for you.

⑤ Just let me know if you want your own, but the text has to be chosen from texts offered in my course. And i can give you the list of texts if you want.

⑥ Here is the full text of “桃花源记” in modern chinese, and you can find classical version on google if you want~



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