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Access | Computer Science homework help



V475/I519 Assignment 10  
(30 points)

Conditional Macros, DLOOKUP, & Binding Values:

Download MoviesDB_with_Awards.accdb from Canvas. This is the Movies Database we have been using modified to include Award and Movie_Award tables. 

You will create three sub-menu forms in this assignment that will be accessed from a Main Menu.  Section 2 contains an option for bonus points. 


1. Create a form that rates a Star’s productivity

2. Allow user to select a Director and produce a list of Stars who have been directed by that director

3. Let’s see what you can do–Using the Awards data provided, you will create your own form where the user selects something and displays a result. 

Methods Involved:

· Conditional Macros and “Set Value” action

· DLOOKUP function

· Control pathname (e.g. forms!specific_form_name!control_name_on_form)

· Combo-Box (drop-down list on a Form) and “binding” a value 

· Autoexec macro that opens the Main Menu when Access starts

Create a simple Main Menu that opens when Access starts and links to all sub-menus. 

1. Create a form called Star_Productivity_frm. In this form, you will select a Movie Star and determine whether that Star had a productive career or not.
Your form might look like this:


Perform the following steps:

Create a query that COUNTs the number of movies the Stars have starred in. The results of this may be two columns: Starnum and MovieCount. Name the query “movstar_count_qry.”

Start with a blank form, add a Combo-Box . Bind its source to the Star table (show Starname, but bind the combo-box to Starnum).

Add a textbox control next to the form; call it “Productivity”.

Program a macro called Productivity_Rating. When the user picks a Starname from the combo-box , the macro will execute (select After Update event). The Macro will have two actions:
(1) (using DLOOKUP with IF statement) use the movstar_count_qry query that has the COUNT of the number of movies the chosen Star has starred in.
(2) set the value of the “Productivity” control as follows (less than 3= “Not Very Productive”, BETWEEN 3 and 6= “Moderately Productive”, and greater than 6=”Very productive”)

Close the movstar_count query window. Name the form “Star_Productivity_frm”  and be sure to test.  

2. Create a form called Director_Star_frm. In this exercise, you will select a Director and produce a list of Stars who have been directed by this Director.

On a blank form, add a Combo-Box.  Bind its source to the Director table (show DIRNAME, but bind the combo-box to DIRNUM).

Create a query called “Director_Star_qry” using control pathname in the query criteria that points to the combo-box you created above. This query will have two columns: Dirnum and Starname. Note: Use DISTINCT after the SELECT statement to remove duplicate results. {ie., SELECT DISTINCT …}

Place a Click-Button next to the Combo-box. When the button is clicked, a query is to run that will produce a list of all STARNAMES that the selected director has directed. Use a macro to open the query results in datasheet view. Name the form “Director_Star_frm.”

Your form might look like:


3. Let’s see what you can do…Using the Awards data provided in this file, create a form that displays Awards in any format and method of your choosing.  You should use some of the methods you have learned in the A & Ps and with this assignment to complete this task to receive full credit. Be creative in ways you might show awards information. 

BONUS POINTS Option: For Bonus Points, instead of using a button, add a sub-form to this form that displays the Stars who were directed by that Director. Your output could look like this:

Don’t worry about auto refresh here. I have not been able to get this to work in Access. Instead, you can create a button that does the Refresh, but the user must press that. You will need to add the term “Refresh” to a VBA script:
Ask me if you are not sure.


Be sure all of your buttons work from the Main Menu that link to the three sub-menus that you created. Add buttons on all your sub-menus that link back to the Main Menu. Your Main Menu should open when Access starts. (Reminder: create an autoexec macro)

Submit the completed ACCESS database on Canvas with this Assignment. 


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