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Accounting for strategic management and control 25 may 2019


Due: 25 May 2019

Use the link below to access the video: =sharing 

The duration of he video is between 40 – 45 minutes. 

Summary of the video

Owners Jim Brush and Alison Sloat run Key West Key Lime Pie Company, a pie company that is a true rags-to-riches culinary story. Buying the business, recipes and all, for merely $1200, they have grown it from selling pies on the side of the road to being named the “Nation’s Best Pie” by the American Pie Council. Even though the business grosses an impressive $1.4 million a year, they are not turning a profit. With multiple storefronts and a shipping facility that’s not bringing in any money, can serial entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis

help this couple get back on track and get their piece of the pie?

The report should address the following questions: 

1) What is the company’s strategic value proposition? Discuss in terms of personnel, resources and activities performed.

2) Describe the value chain structure of the organization. 

3) Does the company appear to have more of a fixed or variable cost structure? Why?

4) What measures or key success factors would you consider important to evaluate the performance of this company? 

5) What risk factors are evident in this case? 


* The word count should not exceed 1500 words excluding reference list, appendices, the cover page, abstract, glossary and list of tables, figures, charts and abbreviation.  

*References should comply with APA 6th ed. style. 


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