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Accounting Managers Develop Many Reports To Capture A Company’s Financial Position For Various Stakeholders.


Accounting managers develop many reports to capture a company’s financial position for various stakeholders.  This semester each student has done extensive research on a Fortune 500 company.  This discussion question will focus on financial documents used to highlight the company’s financial position.  Use your company’s most recent financial statements to share the company’s financial position. Discuss how technology is used to develop these statements and how technology has impacted the way the company shares financial data with its stakeholders.

To complete this discussion,  

Develop a 400-word thoughtful, scholarly discussion post which includes: 

The definition and use of a company annual report according to the course reading material. 

The definition of the three key financial statements discussed in the readings and how they are developed.

Use the three key financial statements to highlight the company’s financial position and who would be the stakeholders most interested in each statement.

Describe how technology was used to develop these statements and how technology impacts the ways the company shares financial data.

Attention should be paid to the accuracy of information using either data from class readings or researched information.  For researched material, please provide the appropriate citations and references using APA formatting. 

Please proofread your discussion post prior to submission to ensure correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. 

Upon completion and posting of your narrative, comment on at least three (3) and up to five (5) of your classmates’ posts using critical thinking and scholarly writing.  Please use in-text citations and a reference section when responding to peers.  

All initial posts are due by Thursday, November 18th, 2021, and all comments to posts are due by Sunday, November 21th, 2021.


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