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Accounting’s project | Accounting homework help


use dashboard data to setup datatset and make 7 graph to create the power point 

there is the link to teach your how to setup (链接到外部网站。)

Dashboard Development

There were a total of 7 graphs to be included in the dashboard. The graphs and pivot tables were listed in detail in the instructions given (Dashboard Creation

PowerPoint Development

The PowerPoint was well developed with an appropriate design format for a business presentation.
Each slide has an appropriate title to explain what information is being provided. The graphs correspond with the titles of analysis being presented. The narration of the slide makes clear what the viewer is to take away from the information (what question was asked and how it was answered).

The formatting of the excel inserts was clear and the formatting consistent through out the presentation. A summary slide was provided to outline what will be covered. This is independent from the introduction. Think of a slide that tells the viewer what they are about to view (e.g. comparative analysis of sales data 2020 vs. 2019. )


Provide an introduction to your analysis project. The introduction should provide a very high level overview of the purpose of your analysis and what you will be reviewing.

In your introduction, you should give scope to the period of times you are analyzing and what were you “Big Picture Findings”. Be creative but be informative so viewers will have some idea of what to expect and what they should come away with in terms of understanding your findings.

Make sure your introduction is cogent and sets expectations of what the viewer is to see as they progress through your presentation.

Analysis By Quarters

A comparative analysis by quarter was presented The best and worst performing quarters were presented and insight to the performance drivers were identified and visualized in the data. The narration of each slide for the quarterly analysis corresponded with the data visualized in the slides.

Analysis of customers

Create a slide providing analysis of customers comparing current year actual revenue to prior year actual revenue and show the difference (current year to prior year). In the slide, provide insight into what you think might be the drivers of the top performing customers and give some explanation as to why you think their sales performance was better then others.

In the second part of the customer analysis, Look across the current year and see if the top performers improved or declined. Do not forget to look to see if the performance of poor performers improved or further declined as the year progressed. Provide data visualization of your findings (Graphs, trends, etc.) and make sure to include a clear narrative to explain what you found and what was most notable that the viewer should take away.

Conclusion and Closing

At the beginning of the presentation, you were asked to develop and introduction to the presentation. In the introduction, you should have identified the items of analysis you were to perform. In closing, you are to prepare a conclusion of all of your analysis. Here you may provide additional insight to what you think were the derivers of performance. Do not focus on only good performance, identify items you think may be bad performers and why?


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