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Activities | Education homework help



  1. Assignment 1. After completing the readings, use your word processor to compose answers to the following questions:
    1. What is the composition of sterile balanced salt solution? Do a quick search on the web. (See
    2. What is phacoemulsion and what are its advantages compared to other cataract extraction procedures?
    3. In what types of cataract procedures would proteolytic enzymes be used? What is the role of these enzymes in these procedures?
    4. How does narrow angle glaucoma differ from open angle glaucoma? Which is more severe?

Save the file as a .rtf file. Please save your file using the following naming convention: LastNameFirstInitial-Lesson9-Questions1.rtf.

Example: WalkerP-Lesson10-Questions1.rtf

When you are done, use the Assignment Link to send this document to me.

  1. Assignment 2.This chapter contains information on over 30 different ophthalmic drugs (dispersed throughout the chapter). To help you learn these agents, use your word processor to prepare a table listing/comparing each drug and its indications. You can use the following format:

Generic Name

Brand Name

Therapeutic Category

Mechanism of Action

Specific Uses in Surgical Patient


Fill in the indicated information for each drug. For information on specific uses, talk to the medical and nursing staffs at your practice site and identify specific uses of the drug in the patients they see and care for. For example, what procedures are performed at your practice site in which sodium hyaluronate is used? Recognize that some drugs may not be used by your medical staff. For those of you who do not currently work in an OR setting, see what information you can find about the specific uses of each product from information on the web. Use some of the drug information sites provided in other lessons, such as:

An alternative is to perform a search by drug name in Google or another search engine.

When your table is complete, save the document as an .rtf file. Please save your file using the following naming convention: LastNameFirstInitial-Lesson10-DrugTable.rtf.

Example: WalkerP-Lesson9-DrugTable.rtf

When you are done, use the Assignment Link to send this document to me.

  1. Using your word processor, answer the Chapter Review Questions and Critical Thinking exercise at the end of chapter 10. To complete this assignment, type your answer into the attached worksheet. (Chapter 10 Review Questions and Critical Thinking Worksheet.docx  ) Use complete sentences, proper grammar and spelling. For example
    1. Why are enzymes used in ophthalmology?

Enzymes are used in ophthalmology because…


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