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Adult Development – Varsity Term Papers


Open your paper by providing an overview of adult development to paint a clear picture for the reader on contemporary adulthood in America and perhaps across the world. You can do this in a number of ways, some of which may include discussing statistics or current trends among adults and/or human development, describing developmental domains as they relate to adulthood, describing what makes adulthood unique today compared to earlier trends, how adult development may change for future generations, and so on. Don’t forget to properly cite your sources using APA format of in-text citations and reference list entries for electronic sources.)
The ending segments of your Introduction should provide a description of this project and the adult with whom you’ve completed the Corona Calls. I would like for you to write this description for a reader who does not already have information about the project. Therefore, be thorough yet concise. You should also provide a well-written summary to describe the individual with whom you’ve been talking with for the Corona Calls.

Describing the Activity (between 1/2 and 1 page)
After getting to know your adult better, you should design an activity specifically for that individual and the activity must be explicitly linked to two different areas of adult development. You can get inspiration on what activity to create based on the adult’s likes and their needs, while keeping in mind that the activity must be experienced remotely/over the phone. Oftentimes in professional settings, you will be consulted as the expert who can contribute meaningful experiences in ways that enhance people’s well-being. I am giving you the chance to exercise those skills now! This section should include:
the title for your activity,
a description of the activity, and
an explanation on how the idea was born based on the information gathered from your adult.
Linking the Activity to Adult Development (approximately 1 page)
Now that the reader understands the activity, describe the two different areas of development the activity targets. You have many areas of development to select from such as physical, cognitive, social, psychosocial, etc. and you can branch out even further with areas such as personality, work/retirement, social roles, memory, stress, and so on. The list is endless. To decide which areas of development to focus on, you can get inspiration from the content provided in class on Folio and from external sources that are credible. Don’t forget to cite your sources throughout the paper. You should
introduce the area of development by providing a full description of it and
explain how the activity will benefit this area of development.
Doing the Activity (approximately 1 page)
After actually doing the activity with your adult, I would like for you to provide the following
an overview on how the project was experienced by both you and the adult,
a reflection on any pitfalls that were experienced and how you managed these (if there were no pitfalls experienced, then what should others who conduct the activity in the future be on the lookout for?), and
a description on how the activity can be modified to enjoy in an in-person setting.
Conclusion (between 1/2 and 1 page)
Provide your interpretation on how your personal biases may have changed over the course of this project. You are encouraged to think back to the results you achieved from the Implicit Association Test on Ageism and to take the test again to determine any differences in the responses you receive. Might any change be associated to the work you’ve dedicated to this project? Fully articulate your interpretation on how your views and biases may have changed.
Describe the participant’s thoughts and experiences in participating in this project. You can even ask them to describe this for you and have a conversation about it. This will let you fully realize the value of your work.


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