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American way of war | Management homework help



War is an audit of how states and military institutions prepare for war, how their intelligence and planning process succeed and how responsive commanders are to recognize and resolve gaps. America has been a military superpower for almost a century. Over the decades, America has succeeded in several wars including World War II, which established a framework of the American way of war. The adaptive U.S. military has been using aggressive style of force to overwhelm and destroy enemy forces, and acquire a decisive and quick victory with minimal causalities (Military History in AOC, 2018). This style of war id highly dependent on technology, firepower, and large-scale logistics requirements. The American way of war is an adaptive way that blends operational considerations, national strategy, and military theory. There are three related tendencies: 1) abhorrence of U.S. casualties, 2) confidence in military technology to minimize U.S. losses, and 3) concern with exit strategies (Keravuori, 2011). 


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