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An overprotective parent visits her child on most days which creates



An overprotective parent visits her child on most days which creates disruption. You have asked the parent not to visit so often, but the parent is still coming to school and into the classroom without permission. The parent asserts a legal right to be in her child’s classroom and is being confrontational when asked to leave. What rights does the parent claim? What steps should you take to resolve this situation using applicable law?

**Short-answer essay expectations: At least one to two pages (12 pt. double-space) will be required to properly answer each essay question. You need not use APA style; however, you must respond using good sentence structure, correct spelling, and proper grammar. Write just as you would respond to a question from the district superintendent. You must support your answer with case law or on-line board policy. You may also use your Student Code of Conduct or the textbook. It is critical that your response directly answers the question. For example, if the question asks, “What does policy state?” and your essay addresses only your school practices, you will not receive full credit. Also, make sure your answer aligns with the law. Reporting something which is contrary to district policy, the text, or course materials will result point loss.


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