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Analysis For Productivity


  1. Identification of the problem(s). Explain with reference to appropriate concepts, theories and research findings, and evidence of the case.
  2. Analysis of the solution
    i. how the recommended solution was/is expected to resolve
    the problem(s) presented
    ii. how the recommended solution was/is likely to be

1200 words

we had an assignment to find a company and ask its manager some questions.

I have attached what I need to be written about productivity, and also I have attached a question we asked the manager. 

if you have some questions feel free to ask me

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  • 0D1101F9-C247-4675-980F-83D1F64C17E1.png
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  • 58DD52D6-D15B-4551-A751-0353895A7E0C.jpeg
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