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Analyze attached article and answer the following questions by


 The questions you will need to answer/analyze in paragraph form are:

  1. How did John Muir and Josiah Whitney differ on their theories of how Yosemite Valley formed?
  2. In 1872, what was John Muir’s data collection method for testing if glaciers are alive (moving)?
  3. What is the data on the diminishing glaciers of the American West? The world? What does this melting coincide with?
  4. Since record keeping began, what does the temperature record show for California and how does it affect the show pack in the Sierras?
  5. When a glacier disappears, what are the effects on the local ecology?
  6. What did the research find about the difference between the Lyell and Maclure Glaciers in Yosemite?

The required article is attached. 


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