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Analyzing and visualizing data | Applied Sciences homework help



Bonus Assignment:

Refer back to homework assignment 2, in week 3.  Homework assignment 2 asked you to find a data set and perform some manipulations using R.  For this assignment, you can use that same dataset, or select a new one of your choosing and use Tableau to create a visualization.  The assignment requirements are:

· Go to and download a free trial version of Tableau

· Use Tableau to create an appropriate visualization for the dataset you selected for homework assignment 2, or another dataset of your choosing.

· Provide screenshots showing your steps in Tableau (at least 3)

· Explain how your visualization meets the criteria of being Trustworthy, Accessible, and Elegant (1-3 paragraphs)

· Explain the story that your visualization should be telling to the viewer (1-3 paragraphs)

· Compare and contrast your experiences using R versus Tableau.  Which one is more user friendly?  Are there limitations to one versus the other?  (1-3 paragraphs) 


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