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Annotated bibliography: the impact of trauma among undocumented


An annotated bibliography is a list of peer-reviewed sources with a brief summary (250 words minimum) accompanying each citation. The summary should highlight the valuable information within the source, while summarizing the main idea.
Please find 3 peer-reviewed articles on “The Impact of Trauma among Undocumented Immigrant Children”  

For the Annotated Bibliography, Do not use any font greater than “12,” with 1 inch margins.   

  • Please note: the following sources will not be accepted, and should not be cited in the 

annotated bibliography: 

Wikipedia Citations from newspapers/magazines (e.g. New York Times, USA Today) 

Citations from unofficial reports (e.g. reports compiled by a small non-profit organization operating locally).

Unofficial internet websites (only websites of government agencies and established private organizations can be used). If you are uncertain whether or not a particular source of information is acceptable, please consult with the instructor in advance. 

  • In addition, you are expected to use APA format to cite your sources, in the body of in the Annotated Bibliography

After you find the 3 peer-reviewed articles, do the annotated bibliography. Below you will find an example of an Annotated Bibilography. Please look at that so you can know how to do the annotated bibliography. Please also upload the 3 articles along with the answer when you are done. 

  • The Annotated Bibliography should also include detailed scholarly information about the chosen topic, a summary of the article, and no “opinions” about the article or factual statements without a citation. 
  • Be careful with including direct quotes on the bibliography! If a quote is included, it should be less than a sentence long. Annotated bibliographies are typically less than 200 words per article. The purpose of the bibliography is for you to paraphrase, explain and reflect on the article and NOT for you to add multiple quotes interspersed by a few sentences. Points will be deducted if the bibliography does not follow this policy. 

This is due on Sunday November 31st at 11:00P.M Eastern Standard Time  

Visit these websites to learn more on how to do an Annotated Bibliography and to see examples:


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