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Apa writing assignment | Psychology homework help


for psychology class. the assignment will be a minimum of six pages in APA format.

 Page 1 – Cover page  

 Page 2 – abstract  (150-250 word summary of YOUR paper)

 Pages 3-5.. contains – Introduction (150-200 words), Review (500-word minimum), Critique (500-word minimum)

 Last page – References

abstract section in this paper will be a summary of what YOU write in the remainder of the paper. It is NOT a summary of the article or the overall subject. It helps the reader know what you have written in YOUR paper.

There are four important aspects to this assignment. 

  • Clarity, Accuracy, APA Requirements and Reference. 
  • Cite the research/author (in-text citations) correctly and record the reference in accordance with APA formatting style. 
  • Write the Introduction section which is a summary of the article and include a problem statement.
  • Correctly format the overall paper according to the APA 6th edition standards.

Please review the rubric before beginning the assignment. 


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