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Article revision | Management homework help


This is a team project,The professor of this article gave us suggestions for revision. I will attach the team project and my part, only need to modify my part.Professor’s revised opinion:

This has the potential to be an interesting paper. However, your paper is brief, and the bulk of it is based on paraphrasing and summarizing the small numbers of articles referenced. There is a lot of good work here but unless you cite your sources correctly, I have no alternative but to grade you at 0. You must cite your work. If it is not your own idea but something you have read, then you must cite it properly and include the citation in text plus in the references at the end.

This paper should show clear evidence of your own analysis and evaluation of the subject and not just be a summary of your reading.

In terms of your content, one of the requirements of the project is to relate your answer to the concepts we covered, and in this paper I see little evidence of that. For your final submission, try to ensure that you incorporate concepts covered in class. These could include TVM, corporate winners and lisers, risk and return – as examples.


As a guide for the final submission: if I think it is not properly cited, if sources are not correctly acknowledged then I will grade the entire project at 0.


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