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Ashworth semester exam – c12v business law



C12V : Business Law


Ordinances are codified laws that are issued by:

the President.

state legislature.

Supreme Court judges.

local government bodies.


Libel and slander constitute:

the tort of outrage.

defamation of character.

the tort of appropriation.

intentional misrepresentation.


The fraudulent creation or alteration of a written document that affects the legal liability of another person is called:






Which of the following must a promissory note contain to make it negotiable?

Acknowledgement of debt

Implied promise to pay

Unconditional affirmative to pay

Promise to negotiate


What is the employer’s advantage in offering workers’ compensation?

The employer need not pay for workers’ compensation insurance.

The employer is exempt from having to offer paid medical leave.

The employer can avoid a lawsuit from an injured worker.

The employer can offer lower basic pay to workers.


__________ discrimination occurs when an employer discriminates against an entire protected class.

Disparate treatment

Disparate impact

Favored treatment

Unfair impact


Which of the following happens when a general partner withdraws from a limited partnership?

The partnership must be sold.

The partnership is transferred.

The partnership is dissolved.

The partnership operates normally.


Which of the following is true regarding FDA regulations for cosmetics?

There is no law in the United States against animal testing for cosmetics.

All substances and preparations for cosmetic use are chemically proven to be free from carcinogens before sale by the FDA.

Ordinary household soap is evaluated in terms of its quality and safety as a cosmetic good under the FDA.

New cosmetics are released on the market only if they have the “CRUELTY-FREE” label on their package.


A merger between two or more companies that compete in the same business and geographical market is known as a(n):

horizontal merger.

vertical merger.

market extension merger.

conglomerate merger.


The legal rights that an owner has to possess, use, and enjoy his or her property are known as:

future interests.

estate in land.

easement rights.

estoppel by deed.


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