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Assessment task 3:analysis of contemporary media reporting on the


 Task: Analysis of Contemporary Media Reporting on the World of Work

Students will choose four media articles discussed in four different tutorials between week 2-12 and complete a template (see Canvas) for each individual article which asks them to:

*Identify the key ideas presented in the media article as they relate to concepts of work and employment raised in course lectures and readings;

*Identify the benefits and/or challenges workers confront in the article, and how these connect with the course readings for the topic;

*Reflect as a manager or policy maker and explain how appreciating worker interests as identified in the media report might contribute to certain actions by you to address it.

Assessment criteria will be:

  • Ability to identify the main issues/arguments presented in the media articles
  • Ability to identify the different concepts and perspectives on the changing future of work and how they can be applied to understand the issues raised in the media article.
  • Ability to clearly and concisely respond to the questions presented in the assignment template.
  • Ability to reflect as a manager or policy maker and explain how appreciating worker interests as identified in the media report might contribute to certain actions to address it.

Week 5 Media article:

 Essential readings: 

Sayer, Andrew (2007) ‘Dignity at Work: Broadening the Agenda’ Organization 14 (4): 565-581. Link


Lucas, Kristin (2017) Workplace Dignity in Scott, C. and Lewis, L (eds) The International Encyclopedia of Organisational Communication. John Wiley and Sons: 1-13 Link (Links to an external site.)  Lucas-2017WorkplaceDignityauthorcopy (1).pdf download 

Spicer, A. and Fleming, P. (2016) ‘Resisting the 24/7 Work Ethic: Shifting Modes of Regulation and Refusal in Organized Employment’ in Courpasson, D. and Vallas, S. (eds) The SAGE Handbook of Resistance. London: Sage Publications: 121-136. Link

Week 8 Media article:


Essential readings: 

  • Huang, S. and Yeoh, B. (2003) ‘The Difference Gender Makes: State Policy and Contract Migrant Workers in Singapore’ Asian and Pacific Migration Journal, 12 (1-2): 75-97 (Links to an external site.).
  • Ong, Y (2014) ‘Singapore’s Phantom Workers’, Journal of Contemporary Asia, 44(3): 443-463.
  • Yea, S and Chok, S (2018) ‘Unfreedom Unbound: Developing a Cumulative Approach to Understanding Unfree Labour in Singapore’, Work, Employment and Society, 32(5): 925-941.

Week 10 Media article:

 Essential readings: 

  • Natsuda, K., Goto, K. and Thoburn, J. (2010) ‘Challenges to the Cambodian garment industry in the global garment value chain’ European Journal of Development Research 22: 469-493 (Links to an external site.).
  • Yu, X. (2015) ‘Upholding labour standards through corporate social responsibility policies in China’ Global Social Policy, 15 (2): 167-187 (Links to an external site.).
  • Compa, L. (2008) ‘Corporate Social Responsibility and Workers’ Rights’, Comparative Labor Law and Policy Journal 30 (1): 1-10. (Links to an external site.)
  • ILO (2018) ‘ILO and Singapore moving forward to promote decent work in South East Asia’, ILO,–en/index.htm


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