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Assignment due by eastern time 10pm may 23rd 2021 | spreadsheet modeling | Montclair State University


These are the instructions for the original assignment but I have a completed assignment which I will attach and I need someone to completely reword this assignment and use it as a guide and create a new pivot table and pivot chart using the data from the charts. 


Your task is to change the field according to directions below, then analyze and write a 2-page Memo Report. The Memo Report should be based on the group you are assigned to from the “All Teams PivotTable” tab / worksheet you created from Module 7: Project Assignment.

1. From the League filter select a group.
2. From the Level filter select a group.
3. Generate a new PivotChart

The Memo Report should contain information / analysis about the data you are currently viewing, such as:
1. Explain in detail the overall data (such as, what do the results indicate).
2. Explain in detail how the data looks.
3. Present any forecast you may see.
4. Address recommendations on what can be done.

Memo Report Length: 2 Pages double spaced

Ensure  that you embed your unique copy of the PivotTable and PivotChart in  your Memo Report from the worksheet. Then submit the Memo Report to  Canvas. You may download a memo template from Microsoft Word in order to  complete this assignment.

For complete grading details breakdown, please review PivotTable Rubric.


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