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assignment – Varsity Term Papers


Imagine a scenario where 10 video files of size 1 GB each needed to be rendered. Assume that each file takes 128 seconds to be rendered on a 32-bit 3.5 GHz single-core scalar CPU.
For this assignment, you must analyze and calculate how long this task would take on the following systems:
1. A 64-bit 3.5 GHz single-core scalar CPU.
2. A 32-bit 3.5 GHz single-core scalar CPU with instruction pipelining.
3. A 32-bit 3.5 GHz quad-core scalar CPU without pipelining.
4. Five 32-bit 3.5 GHz single-core scalar CPUs across a network with upload and download speeds of 100 Mbps.

 State all assumptions clearly and show all relevant calculations and illustrations. Conclude by stating which system proves to be the most efficient and why?
 Devise a comprehensive strategy for strong hardware and software architectures that must be in place to support concurrent systems, with supporting tables, figures, illustrations, and scholarly references.


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