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Assignments and rubrics: week 8: assignment 2: entrepreneurial | ECO 550 Managerial Economics and Globalization | Strayer University


Assignments and Rubrics: Week 8: Assignment 2: Entrepreneurial Opportunities Plan Part 1 Instructions We’ve been discussing the impact of unscaling on the future economy and the many opportunities that one can take advantage of as an entrepreneur. The purpose of the Entrepreneurial Opportunities Plan is to pinpoint and identify some of those opportunities (as discussed in your reading) and to see where your business may be able to take advantage of them and/or where there might be an opportunity for an entrepreneur to start a new business or initiative. In Part I. of the Entrepreneurial Opportunities Plan, you’ll look first at the Healthcare, Energy and Education sectors. Using the provided template, you’ll list possible opportunities and then discuss how your business can leverage those opportunities or how one might start a business or initiative related to them. Your completed Assignment 2 Template is due by Sunday midnight of Week 8 and should be uploaded to Blackboard. Please reach out to your professor with any questions. Good luck.


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