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Babybots hrm634 week 5 assignment | HRM634DLAU1P2021 Planning and Staffing | Park University




Is the manual dexterity selection test at BabyBots effective?

Unit Learning Outcomes

· Analyze the Importance of Correlation Coefficients and Scores. (1, 2, & 3)

· Evaluate assessment system. (9)


Read the BabyBots Case Study at the end of chapter 8. Using data from the tables, answer questions 1-4.


· Minimum length: one page per question response

· Address the problem, discuss relevance to topic, using outside sources as support

· Include at least two scholarly sources and/or professional business periodicals, e.g.: Harvard Business Review, Human Resource Management, etc.

· Format: APA format, double space 12 pt font.


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