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Benchmark – rfi for ehr vendor



The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate an EHR vendor by analyzing key criteria that would be used to develop a request for information (RFI). You will choose an acute care or ambulatory setting and an EHR vendor to determine if the EHR vendor meets the needs of the setting.

In a 1,000-1,250 word essay, describe the considerations that need to be addressed during the EHR vendor evaluation process using the key criteria below. Evaluate your selected EHR vendor based on the research you have done on the key criteria. Include the following:

  1. Describe the organization, services provided, and the need for a new system.
  2. Explain the RFI process and the significance of a vendor evaluation and rating scale.
  3. Describe the health care information system architecture, functionality, and applicability to health care practice (include research, administrative reporting, security, and certification).
  4. Provide examples of how the EHR supports care coordination, interoperability, and electronic quality measures.
  5. Explain the vendor implementation support and stakeholder education process.
  6. A summary of the findings and whether or not to recommend the chosen health care setting and EHR vendor, based on applicability to health care practice, education, administration, and research

Prepare this assignment using APA 7.


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