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Bibliotherapy selections | Education homework help


Each student will select two children’s books appropriate for children birth to age 8 that address social/emotional issues influenced by gender, attachment, family dynamic and/or culture to present through a PPT. You do not need to purchase these books, you can go to the library or bookstore to collect the information. Please note: Do not include any series books, such The Berenstain Bears Get Divorced, or any Golden Books. There is nothing wrong with these books, but the goal is for you to find some of the beautiful story books written for children on important topics and share one of those. The PPT slides must include the following components:

1.  Your name

2.  Book title and author

3.  Topic as it relates to the course e.g., working mother, child abuse, domestic abuse, family death, etc.

4.  Reason for selecting the book with regard to social and emotional issues

5.  Appropriate age of targeted children or indicate if the book is a parent resource

6.  Faith integration verse that is applicable to your topic choice with an explanation of why you chose it

     If you would like to see a sample list of books, go to:

The assignment will be graded as follows:


Points Possible

Appropriate bibliotherapy book for preschoolers selected. Book title, topic, age level, and reasons for selecting book are provided and explained (2 @ 20 points each).


Faith integration verse provided and explained (2 @ 5 points each).


PPT slides are organized, visually pleasing, and have no spelling or grammar errors.


Total Points Possible:



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