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please see attached 

Individual Assignment 2: Using the Management Consulting Template with Case Studies (combine)FileFor the Management Consulting Template use both case studies:
1. (2016) De Beers Canada: The Attawapiskat Context
2 (2020) Attawapiskat First Nation versus De Beers Diamond Mine
** NOTE: 
(a) Read 2016 case study first to see the existing context in that year;
(b) Then read the short 2020 case study information to see the context four years later;
(c) Review the Management Consulting Template (which is the consultant’s tracking tool for their analysis of the situation;
(d) Imagine you are back in 2016 and that you are a consultant hired by De Beers Canada to achieve success with the Diamond Mine and the Attawapiskat First Nation knowing ahead of time where things would be in 2020 if something different wasn’t done in 2016! Based on the two case studies four years apart use the Management Consulting Template as if you were advising De Beers Canada in 2016! 

Individual Assignment Two: Management Consulting Template  

– Case Study: #1 De Beers Canada: The Attawapiskat Context”  &  #2 Attawapiskat First Nation versus De Beers Diamond Mine

–  utilize the Management Consulting Template (no power-point required)

– Place responses directly into the Template provided

– Using all good sentence structure or sentence structure combined with point form is acceptable; however provide APA references at the end of Template.


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