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Business organization analysis :structure and style


  • Must support all perspectives with citations at all times, as the literature review is an academic assignment.
  • The report should be based in structure and style
  •  As the independent consultant, you must provide some conclusions about it to your superiors.
  • 20- pages in length ,excluding title page and reference page .Use APA format for all aspects of this report,  .
  •  Proper introduction and conclusion .
  • Citation and Reference. No Plagiarism.
  • ===============================================================

Four Organizational Design Challenges


How has Walmart company responded to the four basic organizational design challenges confronting managers, consultants, and those interested in organizational design?

How successful do you feel they were?


Marketing Mix

How has the marketing mix of Walmart company contributed to the success of Walmart company strategy?


Financial Decision-Making Model


What kind of financial decision-making models does Walmart company use in its capital budgeting process? Have these decisions contributed to the Walmart‘s success?  Why or why not?


Success in the Global Market


Walmart company’s approach to succeeding in a global market.

How have they incorporated elements of Wild & Wild’s four steps in the market screening process?

If they have not considered international opportunities, why not?


Sources of Gain


Ragan discusses the sources of gains from international trade in Chapter 33 (Ragan, C. T. S. (2014). Microeconomics (14th Canadian ed.). Don Mills, Canada: Pearson Canada Inc.-Unit 9 Notes:  Global Business ) of their book. How important have such sources of gains been for Walmart company?


Required Content:

  1. Use other ressources and referneces
  2. Article

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