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CAFR-Cincinnati, Ohio


Part A

What do you learn about your CAFR entity from the Financial Statements after the Government Wide and Funds Financial Statements? Use the name of the financial statement as a heading and list each financial statement as presented in the index to the CAFR. The financial statements will likely include two or three statements for each major fund classification:  Enterprise Funds, Fiduciary Funds, and Component Units Financial Statements.

Use the notes to the financial statements and the RSI to assist in your postings as you ‘tell the story’ of your government entity.

Part B

From your NFP entity’s web site access the Annual report. List the names of the financial statements and highlights, including the relationship of revenue to expenses, and of assets to liablities. For the Net assets, describe the types. Statement of Financial Position. Statement of Activities. Functional Expenses?

Note: Search for Audited Financial Statements. This report may have more information than the annual report. You may find, in your search, the A – 133 audit. Statements of Financial Position, Statements of Activities, Statements of Functional Expenses, Statements of Cash Flows, Notes to the Financial Statements. 


  • 2020-comprehensive-annual-

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