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Can you help me with two assignments? | Reading and literacy growth ,Grades 4-6 | Walden University



Create Part 4 of your Assignment should address the following points.

  • Describe two potential informational texts for your literacy learner based on text-complexity criterion from the Hiebert article and Chapter 4 of the Cummins text. Be sure to refer to your literacy learner with the same pseudonym that you have previously.
  • Explain the data collected during Module 1 on your intermediate literacy learner that might affect text selection and why. Include the multiple identity information from the Module 1 Learning Resources and Student Literacy Profile that will connect the text to your literacy learner.
  • Analyze differences between your current text-selection process and the text-complexity criteria presented in the Module 4 Learning Resources.
  • Summarize insights you have gained on considerations in text selection for students in grades 4–6.

The estimated length for Part 4 of your Assignment is 3- to 5-pages.


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