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Cas 394 | Education homework help


  1.  Gardner et. al (2011) argue that to do good work, individuals need to know their values well. To help you think about your values and ways in which sometimes they might come into conflict, complete the Good Work Value-Sort Activity using the link below and answer the following questions. (Links to an external site.)

How was the process of completing this activity? (Did you have difficulty deciding on any of those values? Is there anything that surprised you from this exercise?) If you indicated that your values were very clear, can you think of a situation where they might conflict?  

2. In the videos and reading by Gardner et. al (2011) about Good Work, there is a discussion about the concept of “compromised work”. Think of an example of compromised work from your or someone else’ experience. You may also draw from popular culture, such as a book or movie, or a newspaper clip. Try to see if you can find an example related to the work with children. Also, keep in mind that this is not about general interactions with children (or your own children), but Good Work should be in the context of a person’s job/internship. : video 1 : video 2

a. Describe the example and explain, in detail, why this is a good example of compromised work by relating it to the readings (use in-text citations with page numbers). Make sure that in your explanation, you refer to the the 3Es of good work. If you haven’t mentioned the 3Es, it is very likely you have not understood the concept. 

b. Using the list of values on question #1, discuss the conflicting values that might have been at play when the person engaged in compromised work. You have to mention at least two of the values


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