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Case Conceptualization – Varsity Term Papers


This assignment has various components. Please use the following as headings to organize your paper. I believe you will get the most out of this assignment if you immerse yourself in it and place yourself in the therapist’s role to your fictional client.

Please write a brief introduction to include the purpose of the paper and the components that you will address.

Case Scenario
Introduce a fictional case scenario to include the following components: client’s name, age, cultural background, presenting problem (include duration and intensity of the client’s chief complaint).
If you have an idea of the client population you want to work with (e.g., substance abuse, children and teens, crisis, etc.), I suggest creating a case scenario to reflect your target population. If you don’t know yet, that’s fine too! Just be thorough and address the above components.

Case Conceptualization
The case conceptualization will include your analysis of this client through the lens of two theories of your choice. Please include separate headings for each theory to organize your paper. Please include the following:
• Through the lens of your theory, what is your view of human nature related to this client (e.g., capacity for change, what motivates us as people, what guides behavior, relationship to the environment, etc.). Tailor your thinking to this specific client and what they are presenting to therapy for. Include subheading View of Human Nature.
• Through the lens of your theory, what is your role as the counselor? Discuss the therapeutic relationship and be specific as it relates to this client. Include subheading Therapist’s Role and the Therapeutic Relationship.
• Through the lens of your theory, please discuss the therapeutic process. As applicable to your theory, discuss goals, techniques, and approach you will use with this client. Include subheading The Therapeutic Process.

Cultural Considerations
Please discuss your client’s culture. Then, through the lens of each theory, discuss considerations related to the strengths and shortcomings of your theory from a diversity perspective. Are there adjustments you had to make to value and respect the client’s culture?

Empirical Evidence
In this section, please discuss the empirical evidence supporting each theory. What are the strengths and limitations of each theory in this area?

Personal Reflection
In this section, I want you to reflect on what it was like for you to conceptualize a case through the lens of two theories. What stood out for you? What seemed to come naturally, and what was challenging? Is there a particular theory that resonates with you? If so, why?

Include a conclusion to tie up the main aspects of your paper.

Written Requirements:
This paper should be at least 5-7 pages in length (not including the cover page and references). APA 7 th Edition guidelines are required. You must use at least three academic sources (one can be your text, the others must be peer-reviewed journal articles).
Active Goals
Actions ID Goal Goal Set Name Category
F.5.a. theories and models of counseling CACREP 2016 Pro. Coun. Identity
F.5.c. theories, models, and strategies for understanding and practicing consultation CACREP 2016 Pro. Coun. Identity
F.5.n. processes for aiding students in developing a personal model of counseling CACREP 2016 Pro. Coun. Identity
F.8.b. identification of evidence-based counseling practices CACREP 2016 Pro. Coun. Identity
C.1.b. theories and models related to clinical mental health counseling CACREP 2016 Clinical Mental Health


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