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Case questions | Marketing homework help


Sony-Case Questions

1)What microenvironmental factors have affected Sony’s performance since 2000?

2) What macroenvironmental factors have affected Sony’s performance during that period?

3) What stands in the way of Sony’s success today?

4) Given Sony’s current situation, what recommendations would you make to Hirai for the future of the company?


Target- Case Questions

1)What benefits does Target receive from its store brands?

2)Is Target’s store brand strategy working?

3)What could Target do in the future to further develop strengths in store brands?

4)What potential problems does Target face in continuing its focus on store brands?


 Case Dove- Case Questions 

1) Using the full spectrum of segmentation variables, describe how Dove segments and targets the market for personal care products.

2) Which market targeting strategy is Dove following?

3) Write a positioning statement for Dove Men+Care.

4)Can Dove and Dove Men+Care continue to succeed as side-by-side brands?  Why or Why not?



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