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Case Study


You are the new data architect (and database administrator) for Southampton Hospital. The hospital’s data center was constructed in the late 1990s and has only received incremental updates to its hardware and software. Your objective is to create an executive summary (minimum of two pages, single spaced – no maximum page length) that outlines your recommendation for a modern datacenter that will replace the existing datacenter for Southampton Hospital.

Assumptions and requirements:
– Southampton patient statistics and services
– Funding amount earmarked for project: $50,000,000 to cover hardware, software, maintenance, and personal over a 10-year period
– Must be secure and able to contain PII/PHI (HITRUST/NIST compliant)
– The datacenter will be used for the EMR, but will also need to house operational data from the RCM and ERP platforms

In this executive summary, you must address the following points:

1) Part 1: Start off your executive summary by describing industry trends.

Potential topics to explore: what do other hospitals have or use? how are other ACOs approaching data centers? has their been any industry-wide shifts to data centers since the 1990s when Southampton hospital built theirs that are relevant to highlight?

2) Part 2: Describe the hardware and software options that are currently available.

Potential topics fo explore: who are the leading manufacturers and software providers to choose between? what are their costs (short term as well as long term)? what types of teams and other infrastructure are required to maintain the solution(s)?

3) Part 3: Your recommendation should be as detailed as possible that covers hardware, software, maintenance, and personal requirements. The recommendations should be based on expected future volume, and existing historical data.

Please base any assumption(s) off of publicly available data related to Southampton hospital, or healthcare systems in the surrounding area (New York).

Explicitly state any assumptions you make to calculate potential storage and or compute requirements (e.g., “…this recommendation for hardware X assumes Y active users, that are approximately producing Z amount of data person day).

Potential additional topics to explore:
– pros/cons table of different solutions
– costs (startup and maintenance)
– Timelines for deployment
– Any additional training and personal needs
– SLAs around up-time/down-time

Lastly, be sure to:
– Provide relevant citations or evidence to support any recommendation or decision in AMA/APA format – to receive an A-level grade must have at least 15 sources (e.g., here are 3 giveaways: AWS, Azure, and GCP – you are likely to cite those as potential cloud-based solutions)

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