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Case Study Analysis and Solutions


Case Study Analysis and Solutions

Description: Students must present an analysis about one of the case
studies (My choice is Facebook and Fake News (2016) ) available and
propose solutions to ensure good business

Required file format for main submission: Word document (.docx).
• Font size 12
• Double-spaced
• Number of words: 3000 words
All refencing and citations require Harvard referencing style

Present an analysis on the ethically and legally relevant elements that are raised in regard to your selected
case study, proposing a strategy and a new set of rules to ensure good business practices in future situations.
Please reflect on the previous tasks (1.1 and 1.2) and consider if any of the “10 Rules for Ethical Practices in
Business” should be considered in the draft of your proposed solutions.
Finally, note that your work shall present a critical thinking angle and that your arguments shall be backed up
by relevant literature and resources, duly cited/referenced.

My 10 Rules for Ethical Practices used in Discussions are the following:

1.Develop Ethical Standards

It is vital to validate all the expectations and clarify which behaviors are and aren’t acceptable. Every company needs to define and set codes and rules of ethics and provide them to all the team members.

2. Ensure Leaders Exhibit Proper Behavior

Usually, we focus on the bottom part of the organization and don’t pay that much attention to top management. However, leaders must act virtuously and serve as examples for the rest of the team members. Therefore, if managers show ethical behavior, why should anyone else be expected to work with moral conviction?

3.Be Diligent About Enforcing Policies

If we are more realistic, we can see that not many people will obey the rules, and therefore rules will inevitably be broken. So organizations mustn’t tolerate unacceptable behavior and show that there are consequences.

4.Praise Positive Behavior

Always praise your employees whenever you see your employees following the best practices. Doing so should serve as positive reinforcement, which can have some long-term benefits for your business.

5.Promote Community Involvement

It doesn’t matter whether you are involved in raising money for local causes, establishing volunteer programs for employees, or donating to worthy charities; this can be huge. By practicing ethical practices, companies can create a better culture, improve the brand reputation, connect with the customers, and feel good that they’re doing something positive.

6. Transparent Communication

The number one rule for every company is to ensure good communication between yourself and your employees. Establishing strong communication about your business with your employees ensures that all information passes through you. Therefore, whenever any problem starts to occur, you will be aware of that mistake earlier, and there is a chance to stop it from any damage within the company.

7. Categorize Your Documents

It sounds very ordinary and simple, but it is essential to keep all your documents organized. If the business documents are not organized well, the probability of making a compliance mistake becomes very high. Even handling business and doing the taxes become a time-consuming affair without organization of documents. Every business owner is responsible for all the ins and outs of business.

8. Encrypting Important Files

When we encrypt all our important files, we stop letting the vital information or the documents land in the wrong hands. Everyone must have access to the documents that are related to them.

9. Regular Audit Checks

Regular audit checks are beneficial for every business owner. It helps every company to be safe from the severe mistakes and losses that the organization can forget about it. It shows us all the company’s current status if there are problems or everything is under control.

10. Creating a Policy Manual for Your Company

Even if you aware about the rules and policies of your company, your employees can forget them at any time. You have to make sure that they know all the policies by heart. Therefore, it is very important to provide all the employees with the policy manuals so that they keep remember them alwys.


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