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Case study disney expansion in asia



Case study: Disney’s expansion in Asia (from textbook page 407).

You are expected to write a report about the above case study using relevant theories and concepts which you have learned from the lectures and the textbook. 

In this report, you must provide answer to the following questions: 

1. What cultural challenges are posed by Disney’s expansion into Asia? What lessons have Disney learned from Hong Kong Disneyland in terms of cultural adaptation? 

2. How do cultural variables influence the location choice of Disney theme parks around the world?

3. Discuss why the Tokyo Disney Resort has succeeded even though it involves few cross-cultural adaptations? Is it possible that Shanghai Disneyland will also be successful without incorporating any Chinese culture, customs, and traditions in designing and building the resort? 

Your must provide answer to each question using relevant theories and concepts. You are also expected to provide critical analysis, discussion and sound arguments using reliable and relevant sources such as peer-reviewed articles, periodical, newspapers, and online sources. You must use Harvard referencing style for in-text citations and reference list. 

The report is to be typed and 1.5 spaced (a standard 12-point font should be used). It should be checked for spelling, consistency and clarity of expression.

1500-word count is excluded the cover page and the reference list.  

Submission: A soft copy of the report must be submitted via Turnitin by week 6. Submission on an earlier date is acceptable. Late submission is subjected to late submission penalty. 


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