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The topic is: the problem statement should focus on the aging population and finding the correct plan.  I was thinking the problem statement will be- 

The aging population is growing exponentially and presenting many challenges for Managed care organizations(MCO’s), such as Blue Cross Blue Shield.  Just to name a few, these challenges include:

• Integrating care coordination for older Americans

• Older patients facing multiple sets of benefits and rules, making it difficult to navigate their care

• Managing LTSS providers

• Fragmented market

• Fraud, Waste and Abuse

States are increasingly turning to MCOs to help manage the growing costs of financing LTSS services for the aging population.  The potential for harm to patients, confusion, inability to access care from the correct plans or providers is significant, and our aging population deserves better.

Individual work

Analyzing Managed Healthcare Organizations or Integrated Delivery Systems


Your Course Project gives you the opportunity to select a managed healthcare organization or an integrated healthcare delivery system that currently exists within our healthcare industry to analyze the positive and negative aspects of the integrated delivery system or healthcare organization. 

Research which managed healthcare organization or integrated healthcare delivery system you wish to choose for your Course Project. Make sure that you are able to find adequate references for your project (i.e., a minimum of eight scholarly or primary source references). Your textbook serves as one reference.  (Blue Cross Blue Shield)


Step 1: Choose Topic

The aging population is growing exponentially and presenting many challenges for Managed care organizations(MCO’s), such as Blue Cross Blue Shield. 

The project requirement is a 12-page work, inclusive of 6–10 pages of content. Note that 12 pages means a minimum of 6–10 pages of double-spaced, written material (content) with 1-inch margins on the left, right, top, and bottom and a 12-point font. The Title Page, Table of Contents, and Reference page(s), do not count toward the 6–10 pages of pure content. APA format is required. When submitting your work, please use the following file name style: HSM546Project_InitialLastName.doc. So if your name is John Smith, the name of the file will be HSM546Project_JSmith.docx.

Step 2: Research Resources

A minimum of eight references are required for this assignment. As you conduct your research, seek out quality, scholarly primary sources for writing your work. Wikipedia is not considered a scholarly source and should not be included as a scholarly reference. A quality submission will follow the 80/20 rule pertaining to content (80% is written in your own words).

Step 3: Create Outline and Draft

Your Course Project work outline, with references, is to be submitted in Week 4. The more that you have completed for your work at this point, the better things will be for you. You want to have formalized your topics and organized them with main points of interest. More details found at and in the attachment.

The length of the final work should be a minimum of 12 pages, double-spaced in MS Word, and include the following criteria.

• Title Page (APA style)

• Table of Contents

• APA level-one headings throughout including:

1. Introduction

2. Background

3. Problem Statement

4. Literature Review

5. Analysis of the Problem

6. Recommendation/Solution

7. Implementation Plan

8. Conclusion with Future Recommendations

Step 4: Make a Quality Assurance Check

Before you submit your final draft, you need to do a spelling and grammar check and check for any content errors.

Make sure to check the following.

• Your introduction is concise and clear and reflects the work’s content.

• Topics and subtopics transition well throughout each section of your work.

• All concepts, quotes, numbers, statistics, graphs, and graphics are properly cited.

• Each citation has a reference listed in the bibliography.

• The conclusion is consistent with the work’s content.

• The entire work, in-paragraph citations, and reference page(s) are all in APA format.


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