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Case study report and presentation, questions


Individual Case Study Report and Presentation, Questions:

You will prepare a case study report, maximum 5 pages of written content, APA style. In addition you are asked to prepare a presentation using the specific questions listed below. Keep to 5 pages for content in report, and max of 10 slides.

Cover page, case study summary, and then answer questions, using questions as headings. Add Reference page as required.


Using Porter’s five-forces framework, identify and analyze the external opportunities and threats of the

medical device industry.

Using the resource-based view (VINE model), identify and analyze the internal resources and

capabilities of the venture.

Using the financial information provided, conduct a ratio analysis of the firm.

Using the Ansoff Matrix, identify the product-market fit and strategic positioning of ORA.

Summarize the acute internal and external analyses in an enterprise risk map.

Using the completed internal and external analyses, identify ORA’s strategic options and recommend

a future course of action for Selanders.

Presentation Questions: 1. include question 1 from report in presentation 2. include question 2 from report 3. What are ORA’s strategic options? Make your recommendation and support this recommendation for a future course of action for Selanders.

APA should be peer reviewed and journals with min 8 reference. References are not allowed from any website or blog


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