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Check in 4 | Sociology homework help



 Chapter 2: Culture

1. Define Culture and each component of culture. Give example of each from the text, and in relation  to your personal experience.  

 2. Elaborate on the contributions of five sociologists to the study of culture: key terms and research studies. 

 3. According to Robin Williams, what are ten core values of the United States?  Identify in rank order the ones you consider most important. 

  Chapter 7: Bureaucracy and Formal Organization

   1. What is the meaning of the rationalization of society?, Contrast the viewpoint  of Max Weber and Karl Marx on the rationalization of society.

    2. What are formal organizations, and how did Max Weber and Robert Michels describe them.  

   3. What are the functions of Voluntary Associations? 

    Chapter 8: Deviance and Social Control

  1.Identify and define ten key terms in the above noted          chapter and relate them to the attack on the United             Capitol, January 6,2021.

   2. Elaborate on the competing explanations of deviance:         sociobiology, psychology and sociology.

    3. Contrast the deviant theory of Emile Durkheim and             Robert Merton.

     4. Watch the video or film ” The Bad Seed” and identify          and  elaborate on select scenes that reflect the                    competing explanation of deviant behavior.   


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