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Choose 2 of the 4 case studies from below and answer questions for



Choose 2 of the 4 case studies from below and answer questions for the case study.

Choose two:

  • Case Study: Bluetooth Security (Pg. 492)
    • Besides bluejacking and bluesnarfing, there are other security issues that Bluetooth could face as its popularity continues to increase. Use the Internet to research Bluetooth security. What are the attacks that could be launched against Bluetooth? What are the defenses against these attacks? Will they have an impact on Bluetooth’s popularity?
  • Case Study: Future of UWB (Pg. 492)
    • In addition to concerns regarding interference, other factors have contributed to the stalled growth of UWB. What are these factors? Does UWB have a future or will it be replaced by other technologies? Using the Internet research the problems of UWB, the source of those problems, and what the future holds for UWB. Give your opinion about you believe will happen with this technology.
  • Case Study: RFID Passports (Pg. 493)
    • Although several nations use RFID technology with their paper passports, there was a concern initially voiced that unauthorized individuals could intercept these transmissions and use them in nefarious ways against the passport holders. In response the United States made modifications to the RFID technology in its passports. Research RFID technology in passports, and particularly note the changes the United States made to make them more secure. In your opinion, are these additional security protections adequate? Why or why not?
  • Case Study: Body Area Networks (Pg. 493)
    • Body area networks (BANs) hold the promise of providing significant benefits particularly in the healthcare area to provide patients with more immediate care. Using the Internet, research BANs. What are some ways in which they are being used today? What are some new technologies that may be introduced in the new feature utilizing BANs? And what concerns are there about these networks from a social and a security perspective?

Writing Requirements

  • Include Abstract
  • 5 pages in length (excluding cover page, abstract, and reference list)
  • Include a minimum of 2 outside sources
  • Include In text Citations where necessary
  • Use Correct APA format for reference


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