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Combine some ideas from the book ” in the shadow of the silent



Academic level:  Undergraduate (1st and 2nd year)

Word count: 1200 words excluding reference list

Course name: Critical perspective on society

Citation style:  APA

Number of sources: 1

Project Title/Topic:


Paper details/Instructions:

Select one topic from the following list and you should reference author from ” In the shadow of

the silent majorities”. (use one or two quotes)


1.Democracy cannot work if we all live in fantasyland/video land or Disney world. Discuss

 2.Technology has reduced our world to such an extent that space and time have lost an everyday meaning. Discuss

3.Justice may at times be found only outside the law. Discuss

4.The past is one of violence. How to overcome this is the challenge of the future. Discuss

Combine some ideas from the book ” In the shadow of the silent majorities” with your own opinion to finish essay.

Thanks so much for your help.


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