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Communication: relational stages work | English homework help


Relational Stages Worksheet

Objectives for this assignment:

  • Identify factors that have influenced your choice of relational partners.
  • Use Knapp’s model to describe the nature of communication in the various stages of a relationship.                                                


  1. Read the various situations below
  2. Identify the relational stage(s) that many of these behaviors illustrate (for example: initiating, experimenting, intensifying, integrating, bonding, differentiating, circumscribing, avoiding, stagnating, and terminating).
  3. Cite information from the chapter reading in our Textbook that verifies the stage of the relationship and include the page number in an APA intext citation style like this: (283-289). For this worksheet you don’t have to cite the author.
  4. Record relational situations of your own in the same manner.


Two friends are discussing the effects of divorce in their families.

In your answer, tell me what relational stage this is and what communication you might see that would mean your explanation was true.

Relational state illustrated: This type of self-disclosure would most likely occur in an intensifying stage of a relationship (283-289), where our author explains that this communication would happen between friends that have gone beyond the small talk of experimenting and are beginning to develop more trust, more depth rather than breadth of self-disclosure, and where secrets are told and favors are given.

Download this assignment that contains the examples to begin your work.

Relational Stages 210.docx




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