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Communications between predecessor and successor auditors


Please answer the below and submit in a word document. Be careful, make sure to avoid plagiarism and to use quotation marks and proper citation as required. Use APA format for citations and the required References page. Remember that the significant portion of your analysis should be in your own words. 

E-Book: Principles of Auditing and Other Assurance Services. 21st Edition. O.Ray Whittington and Kurt Pany. 2019 McGraw-Hill. This textbook is preferred, but optional.

New Discussion Topic-Communications between Predecessor and Successor Auditors

Communications between Predecessor and Successor Auditors. Assume that Sutherland and South, CPAs, audited Anderson Energy Inc., last year. Now CEO James Rathman wishes to engage Perez, Chambers and Powers CPAs to audit its annual financial statements. Rathman is generally pleased with the services provided by Sutherland and South, but he thinks the audit work was too detailed and interfered excessively with normal office routines. Perez, Chambers and Powers has asked Rathman to inform Sutherland and Smith of the decision to change auditors, but he does not wish to do so.


List and discuss the steps Perez, Chambers and Powers should follow with regard to dealing with a predecessor auditor and a new client before accepting the engagement.


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