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Submit the Response of the International Community Paper.

The international community has responded in a variety of ways (i.e. laws, policies, treaties, etc.) to major human rights violations around the world. Organizations such as the United Nations, Human Rights Watch Reports, Amnesty International Reports, and other non-governmental organizations have played a role in responding to these violations. Important lessons can be learned from their advocacy responses.

Write a paper focusing on the advocacy response of the international community to major human rights violations, such as crimes against women and children, indigenous populations, internationally displaced persons, and so forth.

Explore the UN Human Rights Treaty System. Also explore other legislation and policies passed by the international community such as the Geneva Convention, and so forth. Discuss the role the United States plays in the enforcement of human rights, including its history of ratifying United Nations treaties.

This paper should be five to seven pages in length, written in APA format, and include 7 to 10 peer-reviewed sources to receive full credit (15 points). Sources may also include the United Nations, Human Rights Watch reports, Amnesty International reports, and other governmental and NGO agency reports and research.


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