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Company Introduction, Culture, and Environmental Factors


First, be sure you have read Chapters 1 through 4 in the text.

Next, please watch the following video clips from the lab:

·  Chapter 02: Concept Clip: Elements of Culture

·  Chapter 02: Concept Clip: Levels of Culture

·  Chapter 04: Concept Clip: Certainty/Uncertainty

·  Chapter 04: Concept Clip: Rational vs. Realistic Decision Making

Requirements: For the milestone project for this course you will first choose a company to study throughout the term. The company you choose should be a publicly traded company and the name of the company must begin with the same letter as your last name. You may not choose any of the followed highly researched companies: Apple, Amazon, Alphabet Co, Google, Yahoo, Samsung, Walmart, or Target. When choosing your company keep in mind that all your research and sources must be recent (last 8 weeks). Choose a company with plenty of information readily available.

Your first milestone submission should address the following requirements:

1.  Provide a brief summary of the history of your company (no more than ½ page).

2.  Describe the culture of your company.

3.  Assess how well your organization deals with uncertainty in the market in which they operate.

4.  Describe the environmental factors that most heavily impact your organization.

Your first milestone submission should follow APA format, be well supported with a minimum of five recent sources, and be a minimum of five pages long.

Remember: Your company MUST be approved by your instructor before submitting your first milestone, so be sure you’ve posted your company choice in the Week 1 discussion and obtained your instructor’s approval before beginning to research and write your first milestone.

Your goal is not to find and paraphrase information, but rather to assess it.  After completing your research on culture, the environment, and strategy, briefly report on your findings, then critically assess how well your company is doing in that area, what you would change, and why.


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